Our MGB restoration facilities are extensive, we can undertake a ground-up, nut and bolt restoration of your cherished classic MGB, MGBGT or MGC.  Individual panel fitting, insurance work and general repairs including welding, painting, trimming and tuning, we also do sandblasting, steam cleaning, and underbody protection treatment.  All the work is carried out in-house by our own team.  We have a dedicated paint/refinishing shop for both full and part resprays, service and preparation area and separate trimming room along with extensive stores.

Many of our customers run MGBGTs as second cars, finding the tailgate particularly useful for shopping, etc.  Classic cars are becoming more popular as modern cars continue to lose their originality and uniqueness of style. 

For brake and suspension work, we carry the majority of MGB Parts in stock to facilitate immediate repairs.  We rebuild starters, carburetors, engines, gear boxes and rear axles as well as undertaking full and extensive body and sill rebuilds for both MGBs, MGCs and MGBGTs.  We can provide pre-purchase reports and valuations, which are accepted by all major insurance companies.

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